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Fashion for beerlovers




BrewWear is a fresh Belgian brand of attire and accessories for everyone who is passionate about brewing and everything surrounding the art of brewing.


Beers and craft brewing has become very popular over the course of the last years, uniting beer aficionados  around their passion. 
Globally, beer lovers have learnt to take more time to savour their beer and get acquainted with the complicated brewing processes that bring us our favourite golden, amber or brown drink. It became apparent that the delicious liquid in their glass does not just appear overnight.


“Good” beers have been able to distinguish themselves, and have come to par with good wines or liquors.  This evolution, called the “beer experience”, is what drives BrewWear, and we are proud to contribute to it.

Like good beers, BrewWear likes to bring that little extra to the table, classy, snazzy shirts and accessories, that show you love beers as much as we do.  So join the “beer experience” and express yourself!

For who?
  • Professionals who dress casual but want to make a subtle statement. Wearing BrewWear shows your personal love for beers. 
    You offer quality beers to your clientele and you won’t shy away from talking them through the more illustrious beers on your beerlist. Wearing BrewWear shows your customers that you are the real deal, and know they can come to you for advice without them even needing to ask. 
    The BrewWear mark on your shirt tells them all they need to know!

  • Brewers who want to take a stand for the artisanal beers they make without being to "posh" by wearing their own beer brand shirt.(Or maybe you just want  be incognito when you visit your favourite beerfestivals :) )

  • Beer Lovers (of course we did not forget you ;) ) who want to express their love for beer without being commercial or showing color.

BrewWear can appeal to a lot of people, and it’s that united feeling we want to create: a brand that brings people together around their passion: Beer!

Imagine walking into a bar (yep like the joke), wearing your BrewWear shirt, where you encounter someone else rocking the same logo on his/her chest or belt… there’s your ice breaker! 
You can fill in the rest of the story. 
Because, a good beer always tastes that much better when you are amongst friends.


Buy BrewWear clothing and accessories here:

The Beer Shop (ships international)

Albertlei 43

Wijnegemse Drankenhal   *

Merksemsebaan 179

2110 Wijnegem

Bierhalle Deconinck   *

Bosstraat 37A

8570 Vichte

Bierhandel Willems  *

Leopoldstraat 26

2280 Grobbendonk

* : these resellers only have certain products in stock, other products available on order.

Interested in distributing BrewWear products in your shop?  Send us a message!


BrewWear Clothing

Albertlei 43

2550 Kontich


Message received!


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