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Personalized Barrel Aged Bottle Opener
  • Personalized Barrel Aged Bottle Opener

    SKU: BWBO00002

    Personalized version of our bottle operer. Your logo or text on this Barrel Aged Bottle opener! It's possible, even for 1 piece!  

    Entirely handmade (more than 1h of work for each opener)
    Dent free bottle caps each time, perfect for collectors and beer geeks
    Simple design, great function
    Made from oak barrel staves used for making beer
    Integrated wax cutting function for those special bottles with wax coating
    Stainless steel hardware for years of service
    Every bottle opener is unique due to handwork and different oak barrel staves
    Your logo our text proudly on the top, the BrewWear logo on the bottom shows everyone that you embrace real craft beer

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